Campione's Pizza Menu

Our after-hours pizza menu

When someone mentions Chicago style pizza, many people instantly think of deep dish pizza.  Although deep dish pizza is great, us locals call it "tourist pizza." and wetypically enjoy it on special occasion.

The style of pizza that we really enjoy is our Chicago thin crust pizza!  A cracker thin crust, premium cheeses, and loads of toppings with the pizza cut into squares.  Yes, squares.

In true Chicago fashion, all the toppings are cooked UNDER the cheese!  We hope you enjoy the pizza as much as we do!

  • Mon – Thu
    • 04:00 pm – 08:00 pm
  • Fri – Sun
    • Closed

Ordering Hours: Mon-Thurs 

Or Call 615-206-6965
Call ahead!  Pizza will sell out!

  • Meat Lovers  $21
    • Italian Beef - Italian Sausage - Pepperoni
    • Add Hot or Mild Giardiniera peppers:  $2.00
  • Sweet and Savory $19
    • Pepperoni - Banana Peppers
    • Add Hot or Mild Giardiniera peppers:  $2.00
  • Supreme  $23
    • Pepperoni - Sausage - Bell Peppers - Fresh Onions
    • Add Hot or Mild Giardiniera peppers: $2.00
  • Cheese (Create Your Own)  $15.00
    • Cheese Pizza
  • Cheesy Bread $7
  • Dessets $4-5

Add your own toppings

Pizza Toppings:  *Price per topping varies depending on the topping.

Pepperoni - Italian Sausage - Italian Beef - Banana Peppers - Bell Peppers - Fresh Onions - Hot Giardiniera Peppers - Mild Giardiniera Peppers - Mushrooms